Tuesday, July 6, 2010

time for change

i'm moving to wordpress! :)

see you there!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's been 7 years!

MAY 2009 marks the 7th year of my love affair with Duncan. hahaha ;p

Seven years, and I still get giddy gaga over him. And just recently, I heard he's performing in ASAP's Sessionistas every Sunday. The news is so last year, I know. Wala kasi akong tv. So ngayon ko lang nalaman. hehe

So ayon... YES DUNX, I'D STILL SAY YES. hahaha

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I am for Volleyball Part 2

Shakey's recently held a summer volleyball camp in the ADMU Gym. These kids are fortunate enough to be able to enrol in such an activity and even more fortunate to be taught and trained by no less than the best volleyball players of country. (Think, MJ Balse, Suzanne Roces, Sang Laguilles, Sasa Devanadera, Lou Ann Latigay to name a few.)

I personally would like to give credit and kudos to the people involved in bringing volleyball into the maintstream sports in the Philippines. (: (You brought in so many converts! haha) You are doing a great job! Step by step, little by little, you are closing in to the birth of a Pro Volleyball League. I am looking forward to that.


On the other note, the 6th Season of the Shakey's V-league is about to end its elimination round, having UST at the top with a 4-1 standing. Well, all avid followers thought that UST will breeze out without losing a game after outlasting San Sebastian, the last conference's champs, in the opener. I thought so too. But Ateneo surprised everyone when they won against UST in five sets. That made me bet, this is still anybody's game. FEU, coming in strong with a 3-1 standing after being defeated by UST is in second place, with San Sebastian and Adamson.

Current Standing:

UST: 4-1
FEU: 3-1
SSC-R: 3-1
UP: 0-4

Monday, May 4, 2009


Today's weird. It's a Monday night but the streets of Dumaguete are unusually filled with people walking in small groups and talking in Ilonggo. Hmmmm... Makes me wonder... Ano kayang meron? Ilonggo invasion?


I went to the ticketing office of Cebu Pacific this afternoon to make reservations for a ticket to Davao (yipee! i'm going home!). I had to to laugh because they had this clearly written on the MAY page of the table calendar :

"Behind every great man, is an affordable travel plan. "

Watchutink? Makes sense? Or just selling their stuff? ;p


May ginawa akong sobrang nakakahiya!

I tried out a new game in Facebook called Restaurant City. It's a game where you own a resto and you have to trade ingredients with the neighboring restos to complete a dish. It's a game wherein you have to visit your friends' restos and find out what ingredients you can trade with. So, in the middle of my neighborhood tour, I came across a resto named dave. I entered the resto and wrote a message to dave, automatically assuming he was Dave, or David from high school : "Dave! meron ka rin pala nito? haha Daan lang ako, di pa kasi ako marunong. :)" I exited the building and continued on to playing the game. Moments later, as I keep passing by, the resto named dave had a picture which did not looked like Dave, my high school classamte. Turns out, he's another Dave. Ung DAVE na crush ko nung 6th grade! OMG! Very embarassing 'coz I think he really doesn't know me. Or maybe he does? (wishful thinking! haha) The only interaction we had was during our 6th grade Christmas Party when my friend threw a prank on me and had him (Dave) to give her Christmas present to me in front of the class, knowing I have a big crush on him. If Dave remebers that, gulay! Mas nakakahiya! I wish he'll never open his Restaurant City account again!

The funny thing about this incident: I feel like I'm a teenager again! Oh, giddy rush of puppy love! haha

PS: Nag rewind ako and i realized all the guys i had a crush on had curly hair, thick eye brows, dark complexion and they sure can dance! Really, is this some kind of a pattern? haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Goodbye, APRIL.

Ups, downs, turns and slides, like a rollercoaster. It's not about to end. The ride has just begun!



Mt. Talinis

Casaroro Falls


21st @ Dumaguete

Funds are sinking LOW now. haha Save up! Save up for another rollercoaster month! :)